My rant on Premium WordPress Themes

It's been a while since I was thinking of writing about my experience with Premium WordPress themes. This post is not about criticizing a particular developer or theme company. It is about the way premium WP themes are built, marketed and sold. All of that is usually done in a wrong way by many theme ... [Read more]


First of all we need to upload an image and set it in right place for Header. To do so, please check this link. After that, we will proceed with removing the Site Title, Site Tagline and making our Header image / logo link to home page of our site. Here is a quick 10-step ... [Read more]


BizLife Pro is a fully responsive skin for Thesis 2.0. It's a perfect fit for building your online presence. Build your portfolio site or business website with a few clicks. You do not need to spend time configuring various options. BizLife Pro comes with ease of use, install and activate. That's it! Click here to ... [Read more]


Not talking much, here is my latest Skin for Thesis 2.0, Thesis Eleven40 Eleven40 is based on the popular 1140 Grid System It's a simple, elegant and responsive skin that will fit well on all screen sizes, from wide screen monitors to small screen handheld devices. Click here for the demo. You can buy the Skin ... [Read more]


BizLife 2.0 : A free Thesis 2.0 Skin

Few days back, I released my first Thesis 1.8.5 skin, BizLife and soon after that Thesis 2.0 was in the market. I wanted to start working on upgrading the skin and releasing it as soon as possible. But, being a travel freak I left for a 4-days trip. :-) After I returned, I started working ... [Read more]


Thesis 2.0 has changed the way WP Themes are built. And while I have been a big time fan of Soliloquy, my favorite responsive slider, ever. I was  looking forward to using it with T2. But then, how do I get the flexibility of adding it anywhere in my site? Why should I use a ... [Read more]


Useful Thesis 2.0 resources for beginners

I know everyone is excited about using brand new Thesis 2.0 for their websites and blogs. But, with no documentation it's becoming difficult for many users. Here I am compiling a list of best resources for Thesis 2.0 which will help you get started with it. I published a post about this yesterday. You can ... [Read more]

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