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David Niu, Founder – TINYhr

David NiuI got referred to Puneet, and I’m glad I followed up and worked with him. He was fast and professional. Puneet stuck to his budget, and best of all, he stands behind his work. He has never nickeled and dimed me for any followup questions that I have regarding his WordPress design. I really enjoy working with him.

Matthew London, Photographer, Publisher, Filmmaker

mlondonI found Puneet here after my previous WP developer left me dangling three days before a major deadline. I emailed him at 2am in his time zone, expecting a reply after he woke up, but was shocked when he replied right away, asking how he could help! I explained my situation and he got right to work. Not only was his work superior to my previous developer, it was done more quickly and professionally and with greater attention to the minutiae of my requests. He worked until 4:30am his time (!) and then picked up again the following day. I never felt that the time zone difference affected the work at all. And his communication skills and attitude were first rate. My only hesitation in recommending him is that he might be busy working for you the next time I need him. AAA+++ ! You can see the results here: www.matthewlondon.com

Jeff Stafford,  Speaker, Trainer, Author

jeffstaffordIf you want HIGH QUALITY work, SUPER-FAST turn around, and a truly CUSTOMER-FOCUSED and reliable professional you must work with Puneet!  He has been an absolute gold mine of a find as he transitioned my site into Thesis.  He set it up so that I can easily change and add content. Working with him was really easy, as we communicated all via email and I left with a product that I am totally delighted with.  I’ll keep working with Puneet on future projects, and I recommend you do the same!

Chris Landry, Fund raiser, Story teller, Speaker

chris-landryHe’s fast, smart, pleasant, easy to work with, and extremely good at explaining how to get the job done. I’ve worked with Puneet on two projects, and he was very responsive when I had an unexpected quick deadline. It’s a pleasure to work with Puneet and I’ll definitely be working with him again.

Ryan Pollard, Lawn Care Boise

ryan-pollardPuneet did a great job with my website! He is very easy to work with and responds to requests in a timely manner.  He does professional work that will not disappoint.  I highly recommend Puneet for your website design.

Karen Clark, Online Presence Speaker-Trainer

karen-clarkJust a quick shout out for Puneet! He has been a LIFE SAVER for me in fixing those weird bugs on sites I make for clients, or doing the oddball customization you get when a client has this picture in their mind of what they want and no idea if it is even possible! I love that about Puneet. I have thrown many challenges at him and he takes them all in stride, figures them out and produces quick results. He does his magic while I’m sleeping and I wake up to a bright sunny day with all my WP headaches GONE! :) Highly recommended.

Grace Brooke, Your Life Made Simple

Grace-BrookePuneet was a pure pleasure to work with! It didn’t matter that he lives in India and I live in California, USA. We were able to communicate very easily using Skype. Puneet is a magician when it comes to customizing Thesis theme WordPress sites. I didn’t think that I could have my website look the way I wanted it to look using WordPress. Puneet proved me wrong. He was quick at getting my project complete and is always very helpful at helping me with last minute needs or changes. Puneet has the skills and know-how to make any Thesis themed WordPress site a masterpiece!

Stephanie Rowbotham, Web Designer

StephaniePuneet is the king of Thesis.  He has taught me SO much and I am forever grateful that I found him!  He is affordable, honest, and gets your project done in a timely manner!  I will continue to use Puneet for my WordPress/Thesis needs and refer him to anyone who could use his services! Thank you so much Puneet!

Thomas Feng, Real Estate Blogger

Thomas-FengPuneet has been helping me develop my blog at https://BayAreaConnect.com for the past 4-5 months. He does excellent work that is also lightning quick. He is always able to be reached within 24hours and always responds with changes to match your needs.
Having Puneet on your team enables your website to be constantly adapting to whatever business you are running.

Jenny Schneider, SEO Expert

jennyPuneet is a pleasure to work with. He did a great job on two Thesis sites for me (Solar Ware House, Media J). He is very professional, always responsive, easy to communicate with, fast turnaround and very reasonably priced.
Thank you, Puneet.

Dr. Urs Müller, Oncology Surgeon

Dr-UrsPuneet helped me with the design and structure of my blog. I have to confess – I was a bit nervous at first. Not being fluent in English, being  new to blogging and Thesis, but had some concrete ideas I wanted to get implemented. His work was excellent. Helping me make my ideas concrete, creating a great design and helping me on the way with other WordPress problems. I am sure to contact him again with future projects.



Puneet Sahalot I am Puneet, a freelance WordPress developer with over three years of experience. I build websites and blogs using Thesis framework.

I built the first responsive Thesis 2.0 skin and was featured on WMPU.org. When not writing code, I love traveling and clicking photographs. Read more.

Reach me via:

  • e-mail: puneet[at]icustomizethesis[dot]com
  • twitter: psahalot
  • Skype: puneetsahalot
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